Impulsar la cultura y el talento de niños y jóvenes a través de la expresión artística, y promover la unión sociocultural y racial a través del amor por el arte.


Un mundo lleno de seres humanos íntegros, con un conocimiento profundo de su ser.

Olga Sinclair Foundation (FOS for its acronym in Spanish)

is the artist’s most cherished dream, which became a reality in 2010. Olga’s motto is the belief that a child who is exposed to art will never be violent; a belief that is intrinsically related to the Foundation’s core mission.

Through FOS’ well-known art workshops, we have inspired the lives of more than 85,000 children in more than 10 countries around the world. For years, our non-profit has sought to enhance the culture and talent of the youth using the arts, so that they may find success in life and achieve a comprehensive human development.

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